Katarina is a NYC-based interdisciplinary artist, curator, and the founder of MADE. Her work uses animal forms to represent aspects of our hidden human nature. She is especially interested in the fundamental desire to connect with one another despite constant internal and external noise. In her most recent ceramic sculptures, she draws on aspects of her cultural heritages as a Chinese Cuban American to reference both Ming Dynasty export porcelains and common Cuban flora and fauna. A longing for respite runs throughout all of her work - whether, paintings, sculpture or installations.

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Ignorance (Pig with Lotus Field), ceramic (glazed cast clay slip), 7"Hx13.5"x11"; 2014.

Army of Me (Monkey Mind), ceramic (glazed cast clay slip), each 3.75”Hx5.75”x3.75"; 2013-14. 

Cluster, sumi ink on panel, 24”x18”, 2010.