MADE is pleased to participate in Sluice_2015, featuring "Surface Tensions," painting, sculpture, site-specific installation and digitally-based work by Susan Chrysler White, Beth Dary, and Travis LeRoy Southworth.

Sluice_2015 is an art fair located in the Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf on London's South Bank, open 11am-6pm, October 16-18, 2015. MADE is located on the 3rd floor. Admission is free and open to the public.

In nature, surface tension is caused by intermolecular attraction. Using this metaphor, MADE investigates the physical and emotional surface tensions we create for others, our environment, and ourselves. Each artist makes work that explores how our physical and emotional tensions sometimes buoy, sometimes destroy, and sometimes create mutant experiences that reshape our world. Their work ranges across mediums, including paintings and digital images to hand-built sculptures and site-specific installation.

Susan Chrysler White’s bursting Yamuna series of small paintings resemble DIY Rorschach tests. She squeezes paint onto paper, folding, collaging onto, and then re-painting the pieces until their surfaces create psychedelic images. As our consciousness struggles to ascribe meaning, these paintings are also simultaneous reflections of our inability to be comfortable with randomness.

Chrysler White, Yamuna Series #14, acrylic & collage on paper, 12"H x 10" / 30.5cm H x 25.5cm, 2015

Yamuna Series #17, acrylic & collage on paper, 12"H x 10" / 30.5cm H x 25.5cm, 2015

Yamuna Series #18, acrylic & collage on paper, 12"H x 10" / 30.5cm H x 25.5cm, 2015

Yamuna Series #20, acrylic & collage on paper, 10" x 10" / 25.5cm x 25.5cm, 2015

Beth Dary explores how human intervention in the environment creates unexpected shifts in both natural and man-made worlds. Her work at Sluice_2015 includes a variety of her sculptures, small paintings, including a site-specific installation from her Emersion series of hand-built porcelain shapes resembling barnacle clusters. With their fast growth and ability to withstand extremes, barnacles exploit whatever substrate they find. Dary’s arrangements reference these encrustations: her pieces climb up columns and walls, their accretions consuming the architecture to create a new terrain. 

Dary, Elements of Ambivalence series, florist pins, encaustic wax, canvas, sizes variable, 2006-ongoing

Dary, Meander series, egg tempera and encaustic on canvas panels, 2"H x 3" / 5cm H x 7.5cm, 2015

Dary, Emersion series, porcelain and mixed media, sizes variable, 2010-ongoing

Travis LeRoy Southworth brings multi-tasking at his day job to new level by folding it into his studio practice. Working as a photo retoucher he has devised ways to create drawings simultaneously as he manipulates digital portraits. In his Color, Balance series, Southworth works on the photographs of fashion models. The colors are the additions he makes to enhance their beauty and desirability. Conversely, The Continuous Work Drawings are digital drawings that track his gestures as he removes tiny blemishes, misplaced hairs, and other “distractions” to create idealized images of models, making the erasure the creation.

Southworth, from the Color, Balance series, (L-R) "I'm feeling like the yellow is creeping up in my light ends," "QU QU QU QU QU," "Red Rhonda Times Three," "You've lost all my shape," each: digital print on sintra, each 16.5"H x 12" / 42cm H x 30.5cm, edition of 3, 2015

MADE is located in on the 3rd floor at Sluice_2015 in the Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf on the South Bank in London, England. For more information, contact or go to

Through limited-engagement exhibitions like at Sluice_2015, MADE helps emerging collectors discover and acquire art in intimate, exciting venues in the US and internationally. MADE was founded by artist and curator Katarina Wong