Nancy hand cuts jewel-like geometric shapes and assembles them into what seems like ferocious lace. Out of these webs, a word or phrase may appear, much like the way Nancy encounters fragments of overheard conversation. These brightly-colored structures, however, are far from static or merely decorative. Instead, they are bundles of pent-up intensity that feel as if they're hurling through space or about to burst off the wall. Taken together, these knots of words, shapes, and energy communicate meaning out of serendipity - or serendipity out of meaning.

Nancy’s work has been show extensively through out the U.S., received numerous awards, and is included in collections nationally and internationally, including the U.S. Embassy in Kiev Ukraine, the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC, Herman Miller, NYC; Bellevue Hospital Center, NYC; and Glaxo-Welcomme Corp, Research Triangle Park, NC. 

Chamber, acrylic paint on rag paper mounted on museum board, 20"x10", 2014

Magic Carpet, arylic paint, glitter construction with archival digital prints on rag paper, 20" x 14", 2014

Indivisible,  acrylic paint on Arches paper with archival digital collaged segments, 30"x22", 2014