Born and raised in France, Pauline Galiana is a particularly astute observer of the everyday - from shredded bills to the labels and stickers of things she buys. She transforms those humble forms of communication into unexpected and beautiful multimedia pieces. 

Pauline references light, meditative journeys, and even draws playful inspiration from Piet Mondrian in her Kitchen Art series or from Monet's paintings of the Rouen Cathedral in her "Shredded Impressions" series. Each is meticulously planned and executed, so that even the common motions of looping or sticking or sewing become, like the mediums she uses, are transformative to her and also to those who stop and look.

Pauline received her Master of Fine Arts at ESAG in Paris and has an Art Business Certificate From Christie’s Education NY. She has recently exhibited with New York Public Library/Midtown, Aureus Contemporary Gallery Basel/Providence; Asymmetrik Gallery, NYC; Muriel Guépin Gallery, NYC. Her work is included in institutional collections including UBS and NYU, as well as private collections in New York, Washington, Houston, Paris, Riyadh, London and Sydney. 

Fusion Mandala#2, sticker collage on plexiglass, 30” diameter, 2014



Shredded Impression #5, paper collage on paper, 23"x23", 2014 

Kitchen Art #64 “Raised with Tender Loving Care," sticker collage on plexiglass, 32”Hx30”, 2012