Sarah Lutz's paintings make a convincing argument for power of abundance and exuberance. Their bright palettes, buoyant shapes, and luminous spaces simultaneously bring to mind confectionary and substance. They are frosting AND food, to borrow a Rollo May metaphor. Sarah pulls, pushes, cajoles, and teases her paintings into being - and that process is evident and embedded in their meaning. Shapes and objects are piled, layered, dripped onto the canvas, creating powerful images of delight, wonder, and humor. 

Although she considers herself to be an abstract painter, Sarah is also inspired by the abundance of the natural world - its unexpected shapes, eye-popping colors, and mystery. Like nature, her paintings depict a world that may seem surprising at times but also holds treasures for those who take the time to linger and wander through.

Sarah's work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in New York and throughout the Northeast, as well as has been written about in notable publications including The New York Times, The Village Voice and Hyperallergic. She received her MFA from The American University in Washington, DC. 

Origin, oil on linen, 48" X 36", 2014-15

Boardwalk (Float), oil on canvas, 12" x 9", 2014

Cloud, oil on linen, 70" x 46", 2012-13